Sit Down! @ Spielwarenmesse 2022 (DE-Nuremberg)

Let’s make business together!

Please select below the right kind of appointment.

You represent a distributor

We are always looking to expand our distribution network. Please note that we have strong partners in some countries for which we do not search for any other partner: FR BE NL LU UK DE AT CH DK SE NO FI AU NZ CA US.

(1 hour)

You are a designer

We are always looking to expand our range with innovative new games. We are looking for games from 2 to 4 players (1 to 6 or more is even better), for minimum 7 or 8 year old players, and with an ideal duration of 30/60 minutes. We are NOT interested in kids games. Your proposal must be (really) innovative.

(30 minutes)

You represent a factory

We are always looking to expand or network of partners to manufacture our games Worldwide.

(30 minutes)


If your activity does not match with any of the above, then please choose this one.

(30 minutes)
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